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Patagonia night

Astrotourism in El Calafate

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Patagonia Night
Accompanied by telescopes and an expert astronomer with more than 10 years of experience, you will learn all about astronomy, observe thousands of stars, gaze the Milky Way, view satellites, learn mythology, and much more!
In addition to this exciting experience, you will be able to take a stroll through the facilities of the Estancia “El Galpón del Glaciar”, its sheepshearing shed, and enjoy a tasty dinner with a panoramic view to the Argentino Lake.
We depart from El Calafate towards the Estancia El Galpón del Glaciar. On the way, you will be able to enjoy an incredible view of Argentino Lake and the Andes Mountain Range.
Once in the Estancia, you will take a tour to learn about its history, customs, and much more. Dinner will be provided in one of the Estancia’s halls with panoramic view of the Argentino Lake.
After dinner, we will show you a 15-minute film to introduce you to astronomy.
Then it will be the time to see the sky! The astronomer will explain everything you need to know. The guide will show you how you should look up in the sky, and how to use a telescope. You will learn about the Milky Way, nebulas, stars, constellations, mythology.
Apart from learning about skywatching, astronomy and star gazing, we will also do astrophotography and make Light Painting!

What to take?

Warm Clothes! From our side we will provide polar fleece ponchos to everybody. These ponchos will help protect you against the Patagonian wind. (Suspended due to COVID-19 Protocol)

We highly recommend bringing a camera.


Dinner with 1 nonalcoholic beverage (empanada filled with meat + lentil stew with Spanish chorizo accompanied by country bread + homemade flan with cream)


Every day


from 7 pm to midnight

What to do in El Calafate?

Below you will find activities to help you and your family have the best experiences when visiting El Calafate in 2021 – 2022.

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Dirección: Av. del Libertador 1315 - Local 3 CP9405

El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina

Teléfono: +54 2902 495 525

Email:  reservas@gigantespatagones.com.ar

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