Gigantes Patagones, a company created by young people born in Patagonia, with strong roots in El Calafate, place they choose to settle and to transmit their visitors the love for these lands. Familiar with the region and their old inhabitants.
People who fight and worried about the growth of their town and dedicate with passion to attend tourist’s necessities.
They studied, specialized, and they added experience to be able today to offer you a personal assistant, an exclusive and high quality service. Therefore “Gigantes Patagones” welcome you and invite you to discover the wonderful world of the glaciers,
lakes and mountains and the magic enchantment of the patagonic steppe.

Av. del Libertador 1315 - Local 3. Tel: 02902-495-525. El Calafate - Santa Cruz -Patagonia Argentina - E-mail: gigantespatagones@cotecal.com.ar